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Just as the Cathedrals of yesterday are still standing in their Majestic Beauty and Inspiration -

Cathedral Wind Chimes®  are still ringing with the same tones from over 25 years ago.

All chain design, elegant stained glass, soft organ tones, old fashioned quality and now personalized - 


Handcrafted in Colorado since 1980.


Cathedral with wind chimes picture



Cathedral Wind Chimes ®         

               Handcrafted in Colorado                             







                           If you're looking for user friendly and keeping things simple this is it .

 Made in USA since 1980


We offer three proven sizes - small, medium and large - tuned to pleasant harmonies with a great stained glass color selection.


These work well indoor, out, and anywhere in between.


Famous for Soft organ tones and Old fashioned quality since 1980 !


Small wind chime picture





Our small wind chime is very ornate and sounds quite musical -

great for smaller homes and apartments but definitely not limited to them - 

Great for a fast gift idea that is always remembered.          

about 2 feet total - just 19.95.










Our medium wind chime is the most popular

and good for almost any home inside or out.

It has a pleasant musical tone that can soothe those stressful days -

These can go most anywhere but work very well on patios and decks.

about 2 1/2 feet - just 29.95.












Our large wind chime has that beautiful " Cathedral " sound and look to it .

These will work just about anywhere also but seem to like gardens a lot.

Pretty sure plants like music so who knows if a happy garden grows better !

about 3 1/2 feet  - just 39.95.















Each size is available with elegant  stained glass colors of your choice.






The Handcrafted in Colorado  page gives you an idea of how strong

our wind chimes really are and how they are made.






Personalized blue stained glass circleIf you want to say something special and aren't sure how to do it -

Personalized wind chimes -   will work every time !   


These are our regular wind chimes with your special message

These are great for any occasion and can be fun to create !


We've had many  thank  you' s  for unique designs that worked great -







Every time they ring - they will think of you !  



"Famous for "Keeping it Simple "

Thank You


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Handcrafted in Colorado

since 1980


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